Crisis on Earth X

This month we have been presented with the latest DC crossover, Crisis on Earth X, which features all four of the current CW show line up, starting with Supergirl. The beginning of this massive crossover series begins with all the usual heroes from the CW-verse preparing for the DC event of the year – the wedding of Barry Allen (aka The Flash) to Iris West.

Things are all going strangely smoothly, until the proceedings are interrupted by weird nazi-type soldiers under the command of three nazi doppelgängers of Oliver Queen, Supergirl and a reverse flash who looks like Harrison Wells. As the story progresses, they try to take Supergirl and harvest her heart to transplant it into the evil Supergirl to save her life.

This epic event is spread over all four flagship CW shows – Supergirl, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. It features all the favourite characters, both good and evil, and was a very well thought-out story. The only thing it lacked was originality, as this story has been done before by Philip K Dick with the wonderful Man in the High Castle (which was even referenced in the crossover show). Crisis had a lot of good jokes and tongue-in-cheek remarks, such as Supergirl being told to fly “up, up & away…”.

The action scenes are somewhat confusing, though, as there are too many characters fighting the hordes of nazi soldiers and doppelgängers. It does feel that the fight scenes are used as a filler to pad out the four-show spectacular. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed them as a good bit of mindless action.

The story, on the whole, is very well thought-out and executed, and really draws in the viewer. I even shed a tear at a particularly sad and poignant point near the end. Compared to the last CW crossover show, this one felt bigger, more professional and better paced. It even made me want to start watching two of the shows that I had stopped caring about. The bar has been well and truly raised for the next crossover event.


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