Exmouth ComicCon

Well it’s that time of year again where the geeks and nerds of the southwest dust of their costumes, raid their piggy banks and converge on the pavilion on seafront for the second Exmouth ComicCon.

This year see’s a big name in the industry joining the convention… Forbidden Planet, which is great to see them along side the smaller and independent traders with the usual wares from comics, t-shirts and collectibles. There was also a number of artists and illustrators like our good friend Matt Bucket from Ink Pott Graphics creator of The Weapon graphic novel to industry heavy hitters (and locals) Henry Flint and John-Paul Bove.

There were some fantastic guests like actor Clem So and local author Andy Robb and also lots of great and imaginative cosplayers from the professional Star Wars 501 garrison and Local cosplay legend David “Judge” Wilson to the children and adults that had put so much time and effort into their costumes the ones that stood out were a girl dressed as a Hogwarts student, Indiana Jones, Deadpool but above all the small child dressed as a Tauntaun rider really made my day.
Thank You to everyone that worked so hard behind the scenes to make this event happen especially those there at three o’clock this morning and of course Laura Nurse for organising yet another brilliant event.

We hope to be invited back next year to report on how this fledgling convention has grown even further and gone from strength to strength. 


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