P.I.S Review

We are reviewing the latest comic from Guido Martinez and Evoluzione publishing called Paranormal Investigators Showdown. This issue is written and lettered by Guido Martinez, penciled by Wilson Palacio, inked by Scott Forster and colored by Christopher Denney.

This issue begins with a focus on the characters and there relationships these things will come to define the series way more than the paranormal side of things. Firstly we meet the main characters of Phil Shallowhall and his partner Marty who run a paranormal detective style agency, Phil has certain otherworldly style abilities and Marty is there as muscle basically, next we meet Sofia who surprisingly  also runs a similar business and doesn’t get on with Phil not just because he runs a similar business although I’m sure that’s a factor, but mainly because he’s her ex spouse. This adds an interesting dynamic to the story that really gives it a shot at longevity. 

The artwork which is a combined effort of Palacio, Forster and Denny is bright vibrant and certainly makes the pages of this book and the story come alive almost popping off the page at points. This looks like it could be another hit in the making from this team and guys and Evoluzione Publishing. 


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