Recommended Read August

This months recommended read is a little different than the usual choices that have graced the website since this feature began over two years ago. This slot has been a chance to show you a graphic novel that you may have missed out on, or even a chance to revisit an old familiar favourite, either way this month I wanted to share a book that is more than a collection of stunning images it’s a life story if you will. This month I give you…..

My Prized Possession

The Art of Jock
This is a large hardcover coffee table book although you don’t need a coffee table to own it, it’s written by author Will Dennis and covers the work of Mark Simpson aka Jock, Jock has a very unique style to his work which shines through the examples of his artwork that the book contains. I personally have been a big fan of his art work after the amazing cover for Batman’s Black Mirror. The energy he gives to a piece of work and the brilliant use of negative space right down to the way he lays out the covers and even the pages within.
This book covers all of his works including
The Losers
Batman: The Black Mirror
Green Arrow: Year One
2000 AD
Judge Dread 

Green Arrow Year One

With all that in one book what more could you possibly cram into it, I hear you ask? Well there are also loads of beautiful movie posters that Jock has created for pop culture company Mondo there are some fantastic movie posters featuring Jock’s take on movies like Shaun of the Dead, Ex Machina and so many more. 

Batman Year One

Dark Knight III Variant

This book is a must for anyone who is a fan of Jock’s work or simply someone who is a fan of the comic book and popular culture art scene, both of which are fast becoming that must have item, as they make a stunning piece to hang in your lounge or maybe home office, I have even seen his works hanging on the wall in a local restaurant.

Wytches Cover Art

Pans Labyrinth Poster

The Losers


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