Freeway Fighter #1

I’ve just got my hands on the brand new Freeway Fighter comic! Written by Andi Ewington, with art by Simon Coleby, it is based on the ’80s Fighting Fantasy series book of the same title, by Ian Livingstone. 

It is set in 2024 after a virus has wiped out most of mankind. It’s left a Mad Max-style dystopian world, where roaming gangs fight to the death over limited or hard-to-find supplies, like the one thing everyone needs to power their war machines – petrol. 

The story begins with a look at a young, upcoming female NASCAR-type driver by the name of Bella De La Rosa. She has adapted to this lawless future well, showing no signs of mercy on anyone who tries to take her out.

From the beginning, this story is an all-out, action-packed adventure that certainly doesn’t disappoint the fans of the original book, like me. It is all that I expected and so much more. I am quite sure it will also delight and captivate a new generation.

This comic has got some serious potential, and the story has a great deal of longevity. I’m hoping that they will put the issues into a trade paperback edition at a later point, as I would love to have it in my library.


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