Twin Peaks Part 1 and 2 Review

By Julie Murden-Brown


The first time around, in 1990, I was 23 and utterly fell in love with the ageless and beguiling world of Twin Peaks. It’s my all-time favourite TV show, bar none. In 1992, I went out and bought the entire two seasons on video – costing a huge £100 – something I didn’t do with any other show. As the years went by I gave up any notion that there might be a follow-up, so you can probably guess that I was just a little excited and emotional about the new season.

It’s been a long time coming. Not just the 25 years since the last season, but it’s been a long and wobbly path to the finished product. The “will it, won’t it happen” route has had me glued to the updates.
But this morning, it finally happened, and I watched the first two eps. There are another two ready, which I will catch up with later.

It was quite emotional seeing the old faces.. Agent Cooper, Log Lady, Lucy and Andy, Hawk, James, and Ben and Jerry… as well as Laura and the inhabitants of the Black Lodge. I hear that most of the old cast are returning, which is wonderful; although seeing how the actors have aged just highlights to me how old I am now, and how much has happened to me in the last 25 years.
I really enjoyed the weirdness of the Black Lodge scenes and the welcome addition of the strange “brain tree”… But there seems to be much more of a play on the doppelgangers in this season than before. The seemingly unrelated scenes in New York and South Dakota do start to tie in by the end of the second ep, though things are by no means clear. Not that is should be, or could be clear, being written and directed by Lynch!

One thing occurred to me…The young man who was minding the “hole” who was attacked whilst making out with his girls friend -is it me, or did he have distinctly Agent Cooper-esque mannerisms/vocal tones?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes and I’m really looking forward to the next 16 eps. I’m reminiscing a lot, and feeling warm and fuzzy having had this fix. The great thing is that you really don’t have to have watched the first two seasons to enjoy this one, though a little basic character knowledge would be helpful. Please do give it a go, and expect serious weirdness. You won’t be disappointed.


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