Knight Issue 2 Review

We have been lucky enough to be contacted once again by the guys at Evoluzione Publishing with the preview of the long awaited second issue of Knight. They are responsible for giving us such fantastic indie comics as Armour and (a personal favourite of mine) SFC – Super Fighting Championship. 

In issue two, we are dropped straight into the action from the first page with a look at a team of bad guys known as The Praetorians. The team is led by voodoo priest Brian Gallows, and consists of three very different and equally dangerous characters: Dragonbreath, Executioner and Gravedigger. 
This ultimately leads to a massive showdown between Knight and Gallows, which, by the end of issue 2 is nowhere near over. In fact, it shows signs of spilling over into issue 3 with the appearance of The Praetorians to tip the balance against the good guy. I, for one, am very excited to see where this story within the Knight universe is headed.
Overall, the second issue doesn’t disappoint and continues to excite the reader with a fantastic partnership of strong, dramatic writing and bold, colourful and vivid artwork. It would appear that the individuals in the creative team are extremely well matched and ready to continue on from the success of issue one.

Please note that this issue will be going live on Kickstarter on June 2nd.


Knight Facebook Page
Knight Twitter Page
Evoluzione Publishing Indy Planet


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