Recommended Read June

This month’s Recommended Read is another suggestion from a very good friend and trusted source of comic book info. It’s another great story from Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead) – Invincible Vol 1.

For months now, Ben Eidam from Nerdschatting  has been telling everyone that will listen to pick up a copy of Invincible, and for months i have held off as I’m so behind with my reading. But he wore me down eventually and I figured I’d give it a shot. 

This book is where it all begins. We see a young teenager, Mark Grayson, as he discovers that his father is a famous superhero called Omni-man. Strangely, he too has begun to develop his own superpowers. Fortunately for Mark, his dad is around to show him how to manage his new found powers, or at least that would be the plan if his father was not extremely busy saving the world from all manner of problems. This means that Mark has to try to figure out his new-found powers on his own, while also coming to terms with puberty and also how this whole superhero business works.

The end result is quite a disaster, or at least it is until he can get the hang of it. He begins to adapt to his new life and even comes across a group of similarly aged heroes called Team Teen, with whom he begins to hang around and learn about being a superhero. In fact, in my humble opinion, this series has all the the teenage angst and feeling of one of the early Spider-Man stories, complete with all the high-school drama.

Volume one – Family Matters collects the first four issues of the story and the writing by Robert Kirkman is superb as you would expect. This is, however, a lighter side to his writing with great humour and satire. It’s a whole new side to Kirkman, and this combines beautifully with the colourful and stunning artwork by Cory Walker (whose other works include Science Dog and Marvel Team-Up). 

If you want to escape the usual run-of-the-mill Marvel and DC story, then there really is no better story than Invincible for great superhero action. While this is a very large collection of books in total (like The Walking Dead) and may put a bit of a dent in your finances, the Invincible series will be one purchase you certainly won’t regret.


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