Recommend Read April

This month’s recommended read is a very interesting story concept. Imagine that James Bond has a tearaway streetwise nephew that he takes under his wing brings him into the spy business and teaches him everything he needs to know. Well, that’s the idea behind my suggestion for this month: Kingsman – The Secret Service. Written by Mark Millar (Civil War) with art from Dave Gibbons (The Watchmen), this is a collaboration between two legends of their respective crafts.

‘Eggsy’ is living with his mother, and since his father died he is constantly in trouble with the Police and almost certainly one step away from going to prison. When his uncle Jack resurfaces into his life, he offers him a lifeline, a chance to be in the training program for a secret government agency similar to M16, the book shows his training and how Eggsy is an outsider, having neither the education nor the upbringing to fit in with his peers. This is basically a story about James Bond Jnr, his training and his first mission. It’s obvious from Miller’s writing style that it was written with a movie tie-in in mind.

Compared to some of Miller’s other fine stories, this one has less violence and much more social commentary and humour; Dave Gibbons is on fine form, as always, with the artwork in this story. As with most of my graphic novel reviews where the story has gone on to become a popular box office movie, I would suggest reading the graphic novel before watching the film. 


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