Retro Gaming History

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 35 years, but in 1982 black and green suddenly burst into technicolour. Or at least that is how I choose to remember this time and that day in April when Sir Clive Sinclair launched what would become the start of the home computing revolution with his ZX Spectrum. This would go on to sell over five million units, covering eight different versions. It was the beginning of the colour revolution in computing: when most computers still had the green screen, this was full colour. Admittedly you needed to connect it to your colour TV, but it was a huge step forward in technology.

This tiny little keyboard with its rubber keys was the birth place of the computer game. I, along with many other kids and ‘bedroom coders’ were tentatively taking those first steps to programming by entering line after line of code to bring the TV to life as a game. This was as glorious as it was frustrating; at times as I would type code for hours, only to recive an error and have to search for the incorrect piece of code before being rewarded with my game. This gave rise to companies like Ocean and Codemasters, etc, which started the gaming world and gave rise to Rockstar, EA Games and Blizzard, which we enjoy today.

So, as it approaches its 35th birthday, I think it’s only right we reminisce and say thank you to Sinclair and all those coders who have given us something amazing that many youngsters take for granted today. Without them, who knows where the gaming industry would be now.

Thank you, Clive, and Happy Birthday.


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