Iron Fist Review

This week sees the release of Iron Fist, the latest in the Netflix-Marvel partnership. It seems that this team of TV-streaming service and comic book company is back on track and hitting its stride nicely after it stumbled (and very nearly fell) with its last show, Luke Cage.

Let’s take a look at the story behind the latest offering, which introduces the last of the Marvel Defenders, Danny Rand aka Iron Fist.

Imagine a rich, privileged white guy, a Marvel equivalent of Bruce Wayne or Oliver Queen. This young boy is traveling with his parents when the Rand’s flight crashes, leaving only a young Danny Rand alive on a cold and snowy mountainside, where he is rescued and taken in by monks. There, they train him in various martial arts.

Cut to 15 years later, and a barefoot Danny Rand is walking through New York City. Dressed in a homeless hipster style, he makes his way to the family business – The Rand Corporation. However, his attempts to enter the building are halted because no one recognises him and they believe that Danny died with his parents. The Danny that has returned is not the same boy from years ago, he’s a very different person in the same body. But I t would seem that there are people and forces that are hell bent on stopping him from taking back what’s rightfully his. 

After watching the first four episodes, I’ve found that this show has gone back to the same winning formula that it used for Daredevil and Jessica Jones but which sadly missed the mark with Luke Cage. Hopefully, these three will be strong enough to carry the other character when Marvel’s Defenders hits our screens within the next year or so. 


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