Recommended Read March

This month I have gone for a recommended read that is the origins story of a character that I’m particularly fond of. So, back we go to the beginning, with Batman Year One.

This book is two tales in one really. It’s much more than a tale of Jim Gordon’s beginnings in the mythology, starting with his arrival in Gotham alongside the return of Gotham’s favourite son, Bruce Wayne. They both return to a city of corruption. The Commissioner is in the pocket of the local mob bosses, as are a great deal of the GCPD. Gordon is one of the few honest cops who are trying to clean up the city and rid the department of dirty and corrupt cops. The two main characters in this story are trying to achieve the same thing, but don’t really see eye to eye until the end. It’s a story of how the relationship between Batman and Gordon was forged – two good men trying to save a city.

Gordon’s part of this story is an illustration of the crime and corruption in Gotham, how it’s perceived from a man on the streets fighting the scum and villainy on a daily basis. Where Batman’s story is more of the transition from Man to Myth and how the horrific events that played out in this city forced Wayne to become the Batman. Together, they make for a brilliant telling of the origins of the Batman mythology.

Written by the great Frank Miller and illustrated by David Mazzucchelli, this is one book that true Batman fans won’t want to miss.

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