The Button

When the new DC Rebirth series began, there was an implication that the characters from Alan Moore’s masterpiece Watchmen existed and would be making an appearance in the DC universe. Somehow, the blood-stained pin badge belonging to the Comedian had mysteriously ended up in the Batcave. Here started a four part crossover called “The Button” featuring two of DC’s big guns:- Batman and Flash. This story runs through issues 21 & 22 of both Batman and Flash respectively, but is this storyline a good idea or just a way of making a quick buck?

There are many different discussions that can be had about this new idea. Whether you liked Watchmen or not, you can’t deny the effect that this one story had on the history of superheroes. It has reached a variety of fans – some even outside of the regular comic-book readers and its influence still reaches more (especially with the big screen (poor) representation that got new readers interested). It reignited the love affair of the anti-hero and, yes, it was a very dark and highly intelligent story with philosophical and political undercurrents, but that was the way that Alan Moore wrote his stories. Watchmen didn’t just create a new era for superheroes – it was, and still is, one of the most successful collected story graphic novels and is often cited by collectors as being in their top ten. 

I can only give my opinion on the whole idea of a crossover between Watchmen and the normal DCU: I can’t see any logical reason why these two worlds would or should collide, even for a four-part storyline. It seems that DC is trying to restart the public’s love affair with the Watchmen…


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