Recommended Read February

This month’s recommended read is one that I just picked up out of curiosity, as I’ve never really read any of the stories and had a limited base knowledge of the character from TV and movies. Some call him “the lost son of Krypton”; to others he’s the son of Jor El. This month, I’m recommending Superman Earth One, Vol 1

I loved this origins-type story instead of the classic older Superman we’ve come know and love over the years. Instead, the writer – J Michael Straczynski – takes the story and transformed them into a wonderful story of a young man trying to find his way and purpose in life. This story begins with Clark Kent travelling to Metropolis. Even though he could easily fly, he chose the train as it gives him time to think about his life. 

Arriving in Metropolis as an awkward but well dressed 20-something, he has a very difficult decision to make. Does he take up one of the many lucrative job offers and live as a gifted but ordinary youngster, or does he take up the mantle of the hero and become the legend that will eventually become known as Superman. The book really helps the reader to understand the decision that the young Clark has to make, even if there is no doubt that he is destined to become the alien hero we know as Superman and use his immense powers to help the less fortunate.

The penmanship by Shane Davis is simply brilliant; it combines superb artwork with vivid colours, which gives an overall stylish feel to the well-paced flair of J Michael Straczynski’s. While this story is certainly not an attempt to reinvent the origins of Krypton’s favourite son, it is a fresh and interesting reimagining of a classic origin story with a Smallville twist. I enjoyed it so much that I have continued to read and collect this series and eagerly await the release of Volume 4.


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