Introducing the Brothers Marvel Podcast

Brothers Marvel Interview 

Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us what you do.


Hello! We are The Brothers Marvel – your shield-wielding co-host Vinnie and your web-slinging co-host Charlie – two brothers who grew up with Marvel characters and have decided to start at the beginning of the Marvel Universe and talk about how wacky things were back in the 1960s. There’s a bunch of crazy stuff that is best exemplified by ‘unbreakable globules of shimmering syntho-matter’, but we also get to track the evolution of these great characters and of storytelling in the mighty Marvel manner.


When did you start the ‘pod and what was your inspiration for doing so?


We’ve always been huge fans of these characters, and as access to old comics became so much easier with Marvel Unlimited, we thought it’d be great to chronicle our reading of the older issues with a podcast. Plus, how can you read about Spider-Man discovering an alien-invasion plot built around radio repair and not share that with the world? We got started last summer and we’ve torn our way through 40-plus episodes since. Excelsior!


What do you do career-wise when you’re not doing the podcast?


As you might be able to infer from our snazzy logo, Charlie is a graphic designer. He lives in Kansas City – something you cannot infer from our snazzy logo. Our wordy write-ups are done by Vinnie, a sports writer living in Chicago.


Give us a little-known, interesting fact about yourselves.


Years ago, we travelled into space aboard a spaceship, but our ship was bombarded with cosmic rays, imbuing us with fantastic abilities. It was a similar situation to the Fantastic Four, but we merely gained the ability to podcast.


Do you find it harder or easier doing the pod with a family member?


Doing the podcast with each other is easier for the sole reason that we get each other’s jokes, which are often bad. Having someone guaranteed to laugh at your stupid jokes makes things much easier.


What comic-related issue causes the most arguments between you?


Well, in Fantastic Four No. 13, there is a trio of super-powered apes (actually, Stan Lee, only the gorilla and the orang-utan are apes, while the baboon is a monkey). Charlie is of the opinion that these super-powered apes are too silly and a detriment to the issue, while Vinnie is of the opinion that they are hilarious and make the issue infinitely better. They are, after all, SUPER APES!


What sparked off your love of comics? Is it just Marvel, or do you read DC?


When we were kids we watched the Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons (cue the X-Men theme song: BUH NUH NUH NUH NUH, NUH NUH!) and fell in love with all the great Marvel characters. That Spider-Man action figure our dog chewed the foot off is probably still lying around our parents’ house somewhere. As we got old enough to get our hands on comic books, it was great to see these characters in decades’ worth of action. And, of course, we are gigantic fans of the Marvel Studios movies. We aren’t really DC fans, ‘though we have seen all the Batman movies. Charlie loves a few of them. Vinnie thinks they’re a little depressing. But we’re in agreement that the 1960s Batman TV show is fantastic! BIFF! POW! ZOK!


Who is your favourite superhero or character, and why?


We’re gonna have to split up the answers for these next couple questions.


CHARLIE: I have always been a huge Spider-Man fan because Peter Parker, a normal high school kid, is one of the most relatable characters out there. His powers were thrust upon him before he gained his motivation for becoming a superhero, so you get to see what would happen when a normal kid gets super powers. His tragic backstory and sense of humour make him entertaining, and his strict moral code makes him a role model. Also, his fighting style is entirely unique to him. His spider sense and lack of training make it so that everything he does in a fight is made up on the spot. And that makes for some amazing art. Listen bud, he’s got radioactive blood.


VINNIE: Without a doubt, my favourite Marvel character is Captain America. Steve Rogers’ power set doesn’t make him more interesting than any other hero, but his character is unimpeachable. He is always doing the right thing for the right reasons (certain recent revelations aside: cough, cough, Hydra, cough, cough). And while originally a character created to show how awesome America is, writers have shown that he is consistently more awesome than America. Captain America might have a specific country associated with his identity, but I associate him with what is best about humanity in general.


If you could have one superpower, what would it be, and why?


CHARLIE: I would want to have the ability to talk to animals and have them quickly accept me as their friend and leader. Especially moose. I’d like to ride a moose.


VINNIE: While my first thought was to have the ability to teleport anywhere, so as to avoid having to get on an airplane, I do like to rock out during car trips. So I’ll go with mastery over time. That way you would always get enough sleep and could cram plenty of fun activities into one day. And you could pause time right before natural disasters and move everyone out of the way. But you would also be susceptible to your time-control device breaking, as illustrated in that Treehouse of Horror episode.


Where can our readers find you online? (Twitter, Facebook, iTunes etc).


Twitter: @BrothersMarvel or click Brothers Marvel Twitter

Website: Brothers Marvel Website

iTunes: search “The Brothers Marvel” or click Brothers Marvel iTunes


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