High Castle Season 2

Firstly Season 2 of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle is following on from lasts year’s premier season, and could be considered softer than its predecessor. I disagree, because it most certainly has its fair share of grim scenarios, but it does allow for more subtle character moments – prioritising them, in fact, over some of the heavy-handed world-building during the last season.

We were hit hard from the beginning with Season 1 and how it dealt with the execution of Frank’s sister and her kids, which was a sucker punch that almost dared the viewers to keep watching. It taunted the viewer with “this is a dark and morbid series, so figure out right now whether you can handle it”. 

There is nothing that hard-paced as we begin Season 2. Instead, we get to grips with the aftermath of the last season, and we are presented with a new look into each of the main characters. Frank is out to free Ed from prison, Joe has the film and apparently feels uncomfortable with being labeled a hero by the Reich, and Juliana is surrounded by those looking to exact revenge.

There’s definitely no let-up from Season 2. It spins a very complex web of intrigue and really uses its characters wisely. The big thing is that the film shown to us at the end of the first season is this year’s headline, with secret forces within the German camp continuing to plot against the Japanese empire forcing the world into a final, bloody world war. This season takes about two episodes to really get going, but once it does, it really won’t disappoint you. I personally guarantee it!


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