Recommend Read December

As we round up the year’s Recommended Read feature, it really seems appropriate to kick off this holiday season with a classic story that covers a legendary detective, and a killer aptly named Holiday. The story has been cited many times as a classic story and it’s no secret that it’s one of my personal favourites… Batman the Long Halloween.

This story is by the legendary team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale and takes place during Batman’s early years. It tells the story of a mysterious serial killer who kills his victims on public holidays. This sees Batman and his allies, Harvey Dent and James Gordon, racing against the calendar to discover Holiday’s identity before he strikes again.
This mystery really draws the reader in and has us guessing his concealed identity.

The combination of the writing and artwork is stunning only adds to the mystery. The team of Loeb and Sale works whether you read the original 13 issue run, the graphic novel or the visually superb ‘absolute’ edition. They portray a very dark, hulking and brooding Batman not seen on screen until the recent Ben Affleck take on The Dark Knight.
The result makes it clear why critics, reviewers and podcasters alike have tended to include this book in lists of favourite graphic novels, and top Batman stories. Highly recommended


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