Geek Girl Review


We have recently had the pleasure of reviewing Geek Girl, a brand new comic written by Sam Johnson with artwork by Carlos Granda.
This was a well-written first episode, giving a good look at the main character, who is a college girl called Ruby. She isn’t your usual superhero. She’s actually a popular girl who stumbles into the superhero role after winning a pair of glasses in a card game. So, there are no lab accidents or spider bites in sight!

A few days later, while adjusting to her powers, Geek Girl witnesses a local superhero and celebrity, Neon Girl, being attacked and badly hurt by an electric female villain. While laying in hospital recovering from the attack, Neon Girl asks Geek Girl to avenge her.
The artwork is very bold and bright, adding to the origins story, which flows very well and sets itself up nicely for the second instalment. I’m hoping that the next issue will shed more light on the cities, heroes and villains – especially the one who attacked Neon.

All in all, this is a good solid base for what we hope will be a continuing story.
Geek-Girl #1 is Out Now in regular, digital and variant editions, and available at


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