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Modern Testament Vol 3 Review

Frank Martin’s Modern Testament is reminiscent of the great American Gods by Neil Gaiman, except he is using biblical creatures which is, in my humble opinion, a very bold and unique choice in today’s comic industry. 
This comic gives the reader three different stories -Shoulder DJinn, The Abandoned and Down with the Sickness. They all contain some religious tones, and this is essentially the core of the Modern Testament series. A brief synopsis of each:

Shoulder DJinn

When stripped down to the bare bones, this is a tale of good vs evil, but with one difference. Instead of the devil and angel just sitting on one’s shoulder, telling the main character what to do, they are both full size and trying to lead the character to their way of thinking. This in turn means the conflict becomes a very physical one, with both entities trading blows as well as words over the way the character should react in each situation. The story builds well and leads to a dramatic climax that is very satisfying to read. The artwork is very crisp, clean and bold and this adds a great deal to the story, rather than detracting from it and distracting the reader. An excellent read with some longevity. 

The Abandoned 

This is a very raw and simplistic storyline about an abandoned child with an apparently angelic but absent father. It builds and builds emotionally, before coming to a sudden but very calm conclusion. The art work for this is different from the previous story but is very raw and in-keeping with the subject matter. Although this story is of a similar length to the first, it seems to be over much more quickly and reads as a short. I personally found this one to be a little disappointing for that reason. 

Down with the Sickness

This was by far my favourite storyline of the three. A tale of a corrupt CEO of a pharmaceutical company who, while terminally ill, is visited by (and toyed with) by one of the four horsemen – Pestilence – thinly disguised as a surgeon. This tale forces the reader to confront their own mortality, and is a well-written, nicely paced story. It feels that this one (along with Shoulder DJinn) could easily be expanded into a full-size graphic novel. It has some great art that draws the reader in with vivid colours and style. Very enjoyable. 
In short, all three of the stories seem to have the same underlying idea – that there are forces that we will never truly understand, which are pushing and pulling us; and that the notion of free will and free thought are both things that we will never truly have. 

For further info and to purchase Modern Testament please visit the following links.

Insane Comics
Frank Martin Facebook
Frank Martin Twitter
Frank Martin Amazon


Fan Art Friday

This week as we look back over the last 12 months. We wanted to give you a fan art Friday covering some of the many subjects we have covered over the last 12 months. If you have a suggestion for a subject you would like us to cover, or if you are an artist with something to share, please contact us on our social media pages or email at

Fan Art Friday

This week we are looking forward to Star Wars Rogue One So we give you a fan art Friday of Star Wars inspired fan art. If you have a suggestion for a subject you would like us to cover, or if you are an artist with something to share, please contact us on our social media pages or email at

Studio Erbo Press Release

Studio Erbo Joins Envoy Comic DistributorsStudio Erbo announces that its comic book division has signed a distribution deal with Envoy Comic Distributors.

Envoy Comic Distributors is based in New Jersey and services comic shops nationwide. A few notable shops that they have agreements with include: Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, The Fortress of Solitude, and Fat Cat Comics, with several shops coming on board prior to their 2017 launch.

“Satire at its finest, Studio Erbo takes brilliant shots at popular comics. The stories in their anthologies leave you wondering how they are going to top them with the next. It’s a privilege to have them as a part of the Envoy team,” said Jon Miller of Envoy Comic Distributors.

Studio Erbo is a growing brand with several recent successes, including some convention showings, and a recent successful Kickstarter for a subscription service. Many releases are scheduled through 2017, including continuations of the Defective Comics and Rejected Hammer Thesis series.

“We are thrilled to bring our brand to Envoy Comic Distributors and for the expanded reach they will give our products. Their presence in some prominent comic shops, as well as our work being represented by them, and made available through them, at several industry conventions, will be an exciting opportunity,” stated Eric J Cockrell, President of Studio Erbo. “We look forward to supporting our new distributor in their efforts to promote the indie comics community and furthering the exposure for our growing selection of comic books.”

For more information about Studio Erbo, visit Studio Erbo Website

What’s New 2017

As 2016 ends, we can look at the great television shows it has given us, such as Luke Cage, Stranger Things, 22:11:63 and Colony USA, to name a few. Lots of popular shows also returned, such as Daredevil, Arrow, Flash, Walking Dead, Mr Robot and The Man in the High Castle.
So what can we look forward to as the new year dawns? Well, there are going to be some very exciting new shows making their debuts in 2017. Here are just a few of those that we think will be worth a watch:  

Star Trek Discovery

Yes, you heard right – the big one for next year will be the new Star Trek series. Discovery is the new series created by Bryan Fuller for the CBS network . It is the first series since Enterprise concluded in 2005 and is set roughly a decade before the events of the Star Trek Original Series. Separate from the timeline of the movie franchise, Discovery explores a previously-mentioned event from the history of Star Trek while it was following the crew of the USS Discovery.

American Gods

This series is based on a novel by English author Neil Gaiman. The novel is a blend of Americana, fantasy and various strands of ancient and modern mythology, all centering on the mysterious and taciturn Shadow. This looks, from the trailer at SDCC, to be a very interesting series and worth a watch.

Iron Fist, Punisher & Defenders

These shows will see Marvel and Netflix continue its winning collaboration and was covered in our Marvel Netflix 2017 post, so i won’t elaborate here.


This is one for fans of Criminal Minds and the likes. It is set in1979 and is based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. The TV show will star Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany as two FBI agents who interview imprisoned serial killers to try to solve ongoing cases. The drama is expected to debut sometime next year and we eagerly await it, as this kind of show is a guilty pleasure of mine… 

Childhood’s End

Childhood’s End is based on a 1953 sci-fi novel by the legendary British author Arthur C Clarke. The story follows the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords, whose arrival begins decades of apparent utopia under an indirect alien rule, at the cost of human identity and culture. This style of TV series was used this year in the similarly styled show, Colony USA. Although Colony was good, it didn’t benefit from the science fiction powerhouse that is Arthur C Clarke, as this does. Childhood’s End is already available on Sky 1. We are watching through Now TV. 


This is a bit of a cheat as it started in very late December, but it’s really worth an inclusion on the list. A mysterious criminal steals a secret, state-of-the-art time machine, intending to use it to change past events which will lead to the destruction of present-day America. The only hope to stop him is a team comprising a scientist, a soldier and a history professor. This trio must use the original prototype of the stolen contraption to journey back in time, following the criminal. They visit critical historical events but have to be careful not to change anything themselves, however temping it might be, whilst trying to prevent the criminal from changing history. All this while still trying to unravel the mystery of who the criminal is, and why he is so desperate to change America’s present. The first couple of episodes have been gripping and it comes highly recommended. 

End of Year Message 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best this holiday season.  Thank you for all your love and support this year.  The growth seen by this page has continued through the year and we are so grateful. 

We’ve met some fantastic people and been to some great events this year; we hope this will continue into 2017.

We would like to thank some great guys for their kindness and help during this year.  We appreciate their friendship. These include: Marc Ducrow, Matt Buckett, Jon Laight, Jock, Jon Paul Bove, Lee O’Connor, and of course Ben and Nate at Nerds Chatting.  

May you all have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and a fantastic 2017. 
Jules and Bob

High Castle Season 2

Firstly Season 2 of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle is following on from lasts year’s premier season, and could be considered softer than its predecessor. I disagree, because it most certainly has its fair share of grim scenarios, but it does allow for more subtle character moments – prioritising them, in fact, over some of the heavy-handed world-building during the last season.

We were hit hard from the beginning with Season 1 and how it dealt with the execution of Frank’s sister and her kids, which was a sucker punch that almost dared the viewers to keep watching. It taunted the viewer with “this is a dark and morbid series, so figure out right now whether you can handle it”. 

There is nothing that hard-paced as we begin Season 2. Instead, we get to grips with the aftermath of the last season, and we are presented with a new look into each of the main characters. Frank is out to free Ed from prison, Joe has the film and apparently feels uncomfortable with being labeled a hero by the Reich, and Juliana is surrounded by those looking to exact revenge.

There’s definitely no let-up from Season 2. It spins a very complex web of intrigue and really uses its characters wisely. The big thing is that the film shown to us at the end of the first season is this year’s headline, with secret forces within the German camp continuing to plot against the Japanese empire forcing the world into a final, bloody world war. This season takes about two episodes to really get going, but once it does, it really won’t disappoint you. I personally guarantee it!