Knight Review

Firstly, let me say how much I have enjoyed the character of Knight; the way the story looks and feels is brilliant and this is down to a great partnership of superb writing and amazing artwork. They work perfectly together, making the characters really come alive.

I appreciate a comic that introduces a character and takes the time at the beginning of the first issue to give the reader some backstory – a little of Knight’s history – giving a more rounded feel to our hero.

With every protagonist we need a villain or villains to face them and this series is no exception. This particular villain is interesting, fits the story perfectly and is just as well designed as the hero he opposes.

Overall, this comic delivers what I suspect will be the beginnings of a really great new hero; the plot characters and story are well thought out and the story flows seamlessly through with some stunning artwork. This is almost feels like the beginning of a brand new universe of stories, plots and characters that Interest and excited me. Looking forward to exploring further.

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