Super Fighting Club Review

Super Fighting Championship By Evoluzione Publishing.

This series raises once again those age old questions you had as a kid while watching the weekend wrestling: who would win in a match – Hulk Hogan or Superman?
Well, Super Fighting Championship (SFC) shows you a world where wrestling as a sporting entertainment and superhumans combine to provide a seriously entertaining concept.
From the outset, it’s obvious that the creators have done their homework and really researched the world of wrestling. This is reflected in the well-written and well-presented storyline that delivers from the start. It’s a Fighting Championship for superhumans, introducing a whole cast of different and equally interesting characters with whom the reader can get to grips. 
With the list of different characters and storylines presented in the first issue, I can honestly say that the possibilities for this concept are seemingly endless. With the talented people who are working on the project, this title has a really bright future.

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