Flesh Tones Vol 2

Dark Pond Creations are back again with a massive follow-up to Flesh Tones vol 1 and Patrick Scattergood has been kind enough to send us a copy to let you know what we think.

The first story is called Crimson Dusk, which is written and drawn by Katy Anne. This story brings us a ghostly figure, seemingly trying to find a human life to take over, so it can exist again. It’s a very well-drawn story with an ending that is reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode.

Next up, we see the return of Scattergood as the author of Always Follow Your Heart. The follows on from Crimson Dusk with the whole premise of everything not being what you think. In this case the reader is not sure who is the serial killer and who is the victim. The art is by Stephane Cote this time, and he sets the scene fantastically, making the story really come alive.

The last story is The Black Dog In The Night. Written again by Scattergood, this is a touching tale that has an overwhelmingly personal feeling, and covers the demons of depression and insomnia. It has an ultimate message of hope, too, which lifts the story beautifully. It speaks to the reader about a taboo subject that affects so many people and that needs to be talked about. Combined with the dark, gritty artwork from Luke Cooper, which complements the story perfectly, this is my personal favourite of all the Dark Pond Creations stories I’ve read.





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