Flesh Tones Vol 1

We have recently been able to take a look at Dark Pond Creations’ Flesh Tones issue 1 by Patrick Scattergood.

Volume one comprises a short, two-story issue, beginning with The Mansion. It’s not your usual zombie story, given that it has a lot less of the blood and gore that is prevalent in this genre.
The story has a couple staying at a grandfather’s mansion for a getaway, but this will turn out to be their last trip….
I loved the intensely bittersweet story and the fact that it avoided gore for the sake of gore. The only criticism is that, in my opinion, the artwork by Lee Taylor seemed a little incomplete. Nevertheless, it still managed to bring the zombies and the spellbinding story to life to a degree.

The second instalment is called Real Horror and sees Patrick Scattergood team up with a different artist, Dan Charnley’. From the offset, this story has a very much darker tone, which is a very good progression from the first part. It made me consider the hypocrisy around the horror genre and how certain horror films are “too scary and unwatchable” and that it “corrupts children”, while all the time we are being bombarded with images and stories in the news of real-life human death and suffering, to which we seem to have become immune.
All in all, I found that this issue is extremely well written and is a good solid read. I certainly cannot wait to read the next instalment from Scattergood and Dark Pond Creations.



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