Take Two November

This month’s Take Two is equally epic and tragic in both real life and its story. I give you Brandon Lee’s final movie: The Crow.

The story begins with a resurrection from the dead. A rock star named Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) is murdered, along with his fiancee, on the eve of their wedding. 

His soul is escorted to the next world by a crow; but when a spirit is unhappy there because of unsettled business on earth, sometimes the crow will bring him back again.

 so a year later, on Halloween Eve, Eric reappears on earth, swearing vengeance on those who committed the murders.

That’s about all there is to the story. Flashbacks recreate the original murder, and then Eric, led by the crow, treks through the mean, rainy, midnight streets on his lonely quest. He has fashioned for himself some death-head makeup, and since he is already dead, of course bullets cannot harm him.

The camera swoops high above the city, or dips low for extreme-angle shots. Shadows cast fearsome daggers into the light. Buildings are exaggerated in their details, the comic books were not simply drawn versions of film noir; for one thing, the films tended to use their extreme-angle shots for atmosphere and storytelling, and would hold them for a time, while comics are meant to be read quickly, and give the equivalent of cinematic quick-cutting. The Crow, with its fast pace and countless camera set-ups, evokes comics excellently. It also reflects a bleak modern sensibility. The actors are adapted in appearance to this graphic noir vision.

The soundtrack is wall-to-wall hard rock by The Cure, Stone Temple Pilots, Violent Femmes, Pantera, Nine Inch Nails, among other legends.

I cannot recommend this film more highly – if you haven’t seen it and you like the sound of it, please do give it a go.


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