Shit Flingers Review.

This story focuses on a group of early renaissance (1400-1500) era soldiers that have been transformed into various species of ape, captured and imprisoned they are awaiting execution when then the pope has other plans for these soldiers. Faking there execution and smuggling them to Rome as part of a secret organisation that will be tasked with fighting monsters demons the occult and other enemies of the church, These tales cover their adventures during the period of 1453 to around 1584.

I will say that the art work was stunning from the very beginning and really drew me into the story the different characters really come into there own from the beginning. My favourite so far has to be Captain Guillaume Midnight who made me laugh from his first appearance and that hand shake.
The story which while very fast paced (maybe too much so) felt to me like a cross between planet of the apes and the old three musketeers story’s with a nice infusion of vampires and other monsters as well. I would have liked to see a little more of the characters back story’s but I’m sure as the series progresses this will become more prevalent all in all a really good story and some fantastic characters. 

One of my only issue with this title was strangely not as many would think the actual title itself which some people may have an issue with and will undoubtedly miss out. rather it was that on the electronic version the medieval olde English style of writing was a little hard to read or make out certain words. I felt it added to the flavour of the story but made it difficult to read. This again could just be something that is not an issue in the print format and just the electronic 
Shit Flingers was developed by Jimmy Furlong, Andrew Hartmann and edited by Claire Lenton.

You can find more info with the links below.

Shit Flingers Website
Shit Flingers Facebook


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