Recommend Read October

This month’s recommended read is one that is very close to my heart. I came across this book completely by chance online, and was fortunate enough to be given an electronic version to review for my website. I have now read it more than once and instantly fell in love with the story. So much so, that I contacted the creator, a local gentleman, Matt Buckett, to ask where I could purchase a hard copy from, as I had to have it in my collection library. This has lead to a great working relationship with its creator, and his company Ink Pott graphics.
So, without further ado, I present to you our recommend read for October:- The Weapon by Matt Buckett.
THE WEAPON is an action-packed page-turner. The story follows a scientist, Dr Sam Calder, and his mysterious companion known only as The Driver, as they attempt to prevent a global disaster for which Sam might be ultimately (and inadvertently) responsible.
Sam has built an incredible machine that uses unique and mysterious technology developed from a crystal harvested from a meteor. When the machine is hijacked by terrorists intent on using it as a weapon, Sam and The Driver are against the clock as they attempt to prevent a global disaster.

Adding to the mix is a secret Government Agency called The AGE (American Guard Elite), chasing Sam and The Driver in an attempt to silence anyone involved with the weapon. 

The talented Mr Buckett has both written and illustrated this fantastic book; a great conspiracy action-adventure story that keeps exciting and surprising with each turn of the page. The likeable main characters are constantly on the run, trying to stay ahead of the game and keeping the tension high.

This book is definitely worth a read; I believe it will prove to be a classic in years to come.

We spoke to Matt at Ink Pott Graphics and he wanted us to mention the IPG website –

Matt has also kindly said that he will give out free prints & postcards with every book purchased this month (Oct).  There are only 10 copies of the ‘limited edition blueprints’ edition of the book, so get them while you can. (see attached image)

The book is available on the IPG website, as well as Amazon and Comichaus.


3 thoughts on “Recommend Read October

  1. Summer Solstice Girl

    A scientist trying to prevent a global disaster? Sold!

    Adding it to my list. I’d love to have the blueprints but I don’t buy printed books. I wonder if they will be eventually available for Kindle?

    By the way, this is Claudia from @Geek2Art



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