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Fan Art Friday

This week we are looking forward to Halloween and all the scary delights it brings. So we give you a fan art Friday of Halloween inspired fan art. If you have a suggestion for a subject you would like us to cover, or if you are an artist with something to share, please contact us on our social media pages or email at


Shit Flingers Review.

This story focuses on a group of early renaissance (1400-1500) era soldiers that have been transformed into various species of ape, captured and imprisoned they are awaiting execution when then the pope has other plans for these soldiers. Faking there execution and smuggling them to Rome as part of a secret organisation that will be tasked with fighting monsters demons the occult and other enemies of the church, These tales cover their adventures during the period of 1453 to around 1584.

I will say that the art work was stunning from the very beginning and really drew me into the story the different characters really come into there own from the beginning. My favourite so far has to be Captain Guillaume Midnight who made me laugh from his first appearance and that hand shake.
The story which while very fast paced (maybe too much so) felt to me like a cross between planet of the apes and the old three musketeers story’s with a nice infusion of vampires and other monsters as well. I would have liked to see a little more of the characters back story’s but I’m sure as the series progresses this will become more prevalent all in all a really good story and some fantastic characters. 

One of my only issue with this title was strangely not as many would think the actual title itself which some people may have an issue with and will undoubtedly miss out. rather it was that on the electronic version the medieval olde English style of writing was a little hard to read or make out certain words. I felt it added to the flavour of the story but made it difficult to read. This again could just be something that is not an issue in the print format and just the electronic 
Shit Flingers was developed by Jimmy Furlong, Andrew Hartmann and edited by Claire Lenton.

You can find more info with the links below.

Shit Flingers Website
Shit Flingers Facebook

Comichaus Issue 2 Review

Comichaus Issue 2 
What a pleasant surprise I had today, receiving ‘Comichaus number 2’ in the post. 

It has a look and feel to it that lets you know from the moment you pick it up that this is different; it’s not your average comic. This issue contains 6 short stories that follow on from the previous issue. They take you away on a journey with them; capturing you within each story as you gaze upon the brilliant artwork and well-written stories. 
It is a feast of different, yet equally talented artists and brilliant writers such as Jon Laight and James McCulloch. 
I can highly recommend Comichaus as a worthwhile read and would suggest that print version would make a great addition to your library. 

why not visit the store now. Comichaus Website Link


It looks like the 1973 sci-fi film Westworld. directed by the Michael Crichton, has been given an upgrade or reboot. The original starred Yul Brynner, who is now replaced by the wonderful Anthony Hopkins. It’s set in a Wild West theme park, where all the cowboys, good-time girls and barflies sippin’ whisky are, in fact, robots. The newcomers are rich tourists that are able to shoot, stab and have sex with the robots with impunity, 

A blonde woman sits in a chair in a dark room. A voice questions her about her reality and awakening from her dream…
The newcomers arrive in a town by old-fashioned steam train. A young man, who we learn is called Teddy, walks through the seemingly old western town, as a posse is being organised to chase a man who murdered the Marshall. Teddy goes into a saloon, but then notices a woman outside. He runs out to meet her – she seems glad he came back – and the two ride out together. After a day of the woman teaching Teddy about her herd, they return to her ranch and find a terrible scene. Someone has killed her parents and poured what appeared to be milk over their bodies. Teddy comes in shooting and takes out the villains.

A gunslinger in black, played by Ed Harris, arrives at the farm and finds the woman, who we now know is called Delores, crying over her father. He mentions to her that he has been coming to the ranch for 30 years but she doesn’t remember him. Teddy confronts and tries to shoot him and tries to shoot but the bullets seem to just bounce off him, like Superman. The gunslinger laughs at Teddy and drags Dolores off to rape her in the barn. Teddy continues shooting with no effect, and is shot by the gunslinger as he drags Dolores, screaming, to the barn.

A new day begins, Dolores wakes. Teddy rides a train into town. The whole circus has reset and begins again, almost like Groundhog Day with cowboys. Anthony Hopkins is as brilliant as ever playing the cleverly-named Ford, a genius programmer and creator of Westworld. As the first episode comes to its bloody and futuristic end, one of the robots threatens to destroy his creator, Ford: saying “I will do such things; what they are yet I know not, but they shall be the terrors of the earth.” He was merely digging out fragments of memory of a previous “character” he had played in Westworld – a deranged cultist with a university education and some knowledge of Shakespeare. A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing.


All in all, it’s an intriguing concept and I’m left wanting to see more of this dystopian future theme park.


Fan Art Friday

This week we are looking forward to Devcon and we love to see all the great cosplayers. They make so much effort So we give you a fan art Friday full of some popular choices for cosplay characters. If you have a suggestion for a subject you would like us to cover, or if you are an artist with something to share, please contact us on our social media pages or email at

Fan Art Friday

This week we are looking forward to the start of the first season of new Netflix Marvel show Luke Cage. So we give you a fan art Friday full of Netflix TV shows and characters. If you have a suggestion for a subject you would like us to cover, or if you are an artist with something to share, please contact us on our social media pages or email at

Recommend Read October

This month’s recommended read is one that is very close to my heart. I came across this book completely by chance online, and was fortunate enough to be given an electronic version to review for my website. I have now read it more than once and instantly fell in love with the story. So much so, that I contacted the creator, a local gentleman, Matt Buckett, to ask where I could purchase a hard copy from, as I had to have it in my collection library. This has lead to a great working relationship with its creator, and his company Ink Pott graphics.
So, without further ado, I present to you our recommend read for October:- The Weapon by Matt Buckett.
THE WEAPON is an action-packed page-turner. The story follows a scientist, Dr Sam Calder, and his mysterious companion known only as The Driver, as they attempt to prevent a global disaster for which Sam might be ultimately (and inadvertently) responsible.
Sam has built an incredible machine that uses unique and mysterious technology developed from a crystal harvested from a meteor. When the machine is hijacked by terrorists intent on using it as a weapon, Sam and The Driver are against the clock as they attempt to prevent a global disaster.

Adding to the mix is a secret Government Agency called The AGE (American Guard Elite), chasing Sam and The Driver in an attempt to silence anyone involved with the weapon. 

The talented Mr Buckett has both written and illustrated this fantastic book; a great conspiracy action-adventure story that keeps exciting and surprising with each turn of the page. The likeable main characters are constantly on the run, trying to stay ahead of the game and keeping the tension high.

This book is definitely worth a read; I believe it will prove to be a classic in years to come.

We spoke to Matt at Ink Pott Graphics and he wanted us to mention the IPG website –

Matt has also kindly said that he will give out free prints & postcards with every book purchased this month (Oct).  There are only 10 copies of the ‘limited edition blueprints’ edition of the book, so get them while you can. (see attached image)

The book is available on the IPG website, as well as Amazon and Comichaus.