Take Two September 

“When Lt Tuck Pendleton (Quaid) is shrunk inside his craft to microscopic size as part of an experiment, he doesn’t count the lab being burgled, or on being accidentally injected into hapless, hypochondriac supermarket employee Jack Putter (Short). Now to save Tuck’s life, Jack must get back the missing parts of the equipment and fend off the bad guys…”

This is the tag line of this gem of a 1987 film, which is a wonderful combination of sci-fi, comedy, romance and thriller. It is briskly paced despite being almost two hours long, and features Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan and Martin Short in a truly engaging film.  

With an inspired supporting cast; cinematography, special effects and make-up that were brilliant for the era; all complemented beautifully by Jerry Goldsmith’s score, this is one that’s well worth catching or re-watching. 
The movie stars Quaid as Lt Tuck Pendleton – a daring but irresponsible test pilot who signs up for a bizarre mission: He will be placed inside a capsule, which will be reduced in size until it is smaller than a molecule, and then the capsule will be injected into a rabbit. If the experiment is a success, future surgeons could operate from inside their patient’s diseased bodies.

Of course, there are baddies, and in this case, they’re in the form of high-tech thieves who want to steal the technology being trialled and who send a squad of hit-men to steal the syringe containing Pendleton’s capsule. A scientist flees with the syringe to a nearby shopping mall where, in desperation, he plunges the needle into Jack Putter (Short) and injects Pendleton’s capsule where the sun don’t shine.

Are you following all this?

Pendleton uses a communications system to talk with his unfortunate host, from inside Putter’s head. At first, Jack naturally thinks he’s hearing things, but Tuck tells him the whole story and enlists Jack’s help in a desperate effort to outwit the bad guys and restore him to normal size before his oxygen runs out.

Even if you’ve already seen this before, we highly recommend it as a brilliant retro movie that’s worth a watch. 


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