Shepherd Review

The Shepherd  By

Andrea Lorenzo Molinari (writer/creator)

 Roberto Xavier Molinari (writer/creator)

Ryan Showers (pencils/inks)
This is a brilliantly written tale of tragedy and vengeance from beyond this realm. The tale begins with the tragic death of Professor Lawrence Miller’s son, Val, from a drug overdose at a house party. The Professor cannot shift the feeling that his son is lost in between this plane of existence and the afterworld. This prompts him to make the incredibly brave decision to take his own life, to try and find his son. 

He wakes in the afterlife to see his late father, who is there to greet him and to help him to make the final journey into the afterlife. Professor Miller decides, instead, to remain in limbo, so that he can search for Val’s soul and seek vengeance for what happened to him. This leads to some very dark and gritty scenes of violence and censored bad language and it is a powerfully real scenario. 

The Shepherd is a passionately written, and wonderfully illustrated story about the tragedy of loss and grief; and the lengths that a father will go to in an attempt to find and save his son’s soul. Lawrence’s character starts off with a moving and very powerful story arc of vengeance. I find that the way he makes the evil-doers suffer is very reminiscent of the “penance stare” used by Ghost Rider.

The fact that this story is written and told by a father and son team just draws you in even more, and makes the whole tale of a father’s loss, tragedy and retribution feel even more personal. An excellent and emotional read


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