America’s Kingdom Kickstarter 

We were fortunate enough to be sent this story to have a look at by the creator Brian Hawkings and we were really blown away by his project which begins on Kickstarter on the 28th August. For more information please visit their Facebook page.

America’s Kingdom. Facebook Page 

We love alternative history ideas and this is on a par with The Man In The High Castle by Philip K Dick. 

 America’s Kingdom is an ongoing comic book series set in an alternate reality where America never became a democracy after the Revolutionary War, but a monarchy. It is modern-day America but under the rule and reign of one family – the descendants of George Washington, known now as King George I, after the end of the American Revolution in 1776. The series begins shortly after the demise of the latest sovereign, King George X, when his son, Prince Geoffrey, is poised to take the throne.

America’s Kingdom is a groundbreaking and “history” making (or should I say, “history remaking”) new comic book series that not only looks at the re-telling of America’s glorious history but also a reshaping of it. The first story arc, Issues 1-6, will focus on introducing the plight of the United Kingdom of America under the rule of Prince Geoffrey I, the several times removed grandson of General and King George Washington I. Unfortunately, America’s Kingdom in the last decade has gone through tremendous civil unrest and rebel groups have formed to remove the monarchy and replace it with democracy. The rebel forces are led by a mysterious and enigmatic character named Peerless Fortane. It is America’s monarchy – the soon to be King and the Royal Guard of Knights against the rebel forces for democracy. 


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