Suicide Squad Review (SPOILERS)

Warning contains potential spoilers!

Having read the bad press about the new DC movie “Suicide Squad”, and having regularly seen the trailers and posters heralding it’s birth, I was intrigued to go and see it on the day of release, to see if it lived up to the hype. 

Despite some initial doubts over certain casting choices and characters, the cast worked very well together. Two characters – Captain Boomerang and Slipknot – did very little except to act as filters but this aside, Jared Leto pulled off a stunning performance as the Clown Prince of Crime and Margot Robbie was brilliant as Harley Quinn, seeming as if she had been projected straight out of the comic book . Will Smith was a great Deadshot and Jay Hernandez really made for a well-balanced, somewhat repentant, Diablo.

Full of entertaining dialogue, it has some superb action scenes and tastefully used CGI – after “Batman vs Superman”, this was most welcome. The first third of the film did seem to be the “Origins” story of Joker and Harley Quinn – and, to a lesser degree, Deadshot. The remainder of the film focused on other Origins stories, which seemed to be far too rushed and therefore a missed opportunity.

There were some great cameos from some Justice League members:- Batman and The Flash. Then, to top it off, they set the scene for the Justice League film next year!

Despite some drawbacks, I thoroughly enjoyed watching and overall, I give it a very solid 3.5 out of 5. Worth a watch. 


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