Stranger Things

If, like us, you were an ’80s kid or you’re a fan of the films from that era, Stranger Things – a new series on Netflix – will be a nice slice of nostalgia for you.

It’s set in the ’80s and focuses on the disappearance of Will, a young boy played by Noah Schnapp, who vanishes under very mysterious circumstances around the time that a strange girl, Eleven, arrives.

Will’s friends: Dustin, Lucas and Mike, are desperate to find him. They quickly discover that Eleven is a very odd girl who, although she rarely speaks, possesses some seemingly superhuman abilities.  Alongside this, Will’s mother Joyce, played by Winona Ryder and his brother, Jonathan are trying to find him; all the while discovering that strange and dangerous things are going on around their little town. 

From the outset, you get the feeling that the creators (Matt & Ross Duffer) have almost gone for a very early Spielberg-esque ET type of thing: the young kids, the dialogue, even the bike rides, give a feeling of adventure similar to Stand By Me or the The Goonies.
The influence of classic ’80s icons, like Stephen King and Spielberg, becomes apparent while watching Stranger Things. If you’re a fan of those old, retro type movies and shows, you’ll really love all that this has to offer. The only flaw in an otherwise great-looking show is the crazy things that happen and the way they’re explained. All in all, though, this series is a very easy recommendation offering a nostalgic trip back to a simpler time without feeling samey.


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