Gotham Season 3

The Gotham season 2 finale came together brilliantly, leaving us with more questions than answers. Hugo Strange’s bus, full of weird creations and driven by Fish Mooney, crashed and spilt its contents of monstrous wannabe-villains on to the streets of Gotham City, ready to cause mayhem and chaos.


One of the monsters in the final scene looked very much like the famed Batman villain from book and big screen – Bane. If we look back through Gotham, there have been a few subtle hints to his appearance: Firstly, the episode called ‘Viper’. The idea behind the episode is a gas that gives the user super-human physical strength before they burn out and die. This idea sounds very close to the gas that Bane breathes to give him his strength, and which also keeps him alive.

 We learn that Viper gas has been reformulated from an earlier version, called Venom; an obvious reference to the character. Finally, the first user of Viper gas literally ‘breaks a bat’. This is an obvious reference to the Knighfall storyline (written by Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon and Alan Grant) where Bane lifts a defeated Batman above his head and then forcefully breaks Batman’s back by slamming him down on his knee. This was also referenced in the final Batman story of the Nolan trilogy: Dark Knight Rises. 

Gotham could create any version of the character it wanted; even a more modified story from a later date. In the comics, Bane was subjected to various mad scientist experiments for the Venom drug. So this version, with Hugo Strange working on him, is a fairly easy rework of the story for the fans to accept. This is all on the understanding that there are no problems with Gotham getting the rights to use the characters in the TV show …

Season 3 of the show will hopefully be as action packed and exciting as Season 2 was. Other rogues have been teased and hinted at, such as the infamous Court of Owls and maybe a Joker appearance too – who knows. 


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