Metamora Kickstarter 

This is a piece that has been written directly from the creators of Metamora.  We at The Squad are interested in this project, mainly due to some of the almost-3D-looking art work and the brilliant sci-fi storyline of loneliness and fear in deep space…

Metamora is a horror story, a Lovecraftian tale, a space opera, and yet it is so much more. To me, Metamora pulls at the core of some primal fears. It shows isolation through multiple facets. These characters are dealing with life on the Metamora, and have been in deep space for their whole lives. With the introduction of a lunar harvester (hundreds of years old) their lives all take an unexpected turn. We explore not only the depths of human fears, but the fight or flight responses to these fears.

Metmora #1 picks up during a routine scavenging operation, in deep space. It follows a two-man team (Capt. Mitchell Harn & Eli Burkowitz) from the planet-ship, “The Metamora”. While roaming in the deep, the two discover an abandoned Lunar Harvester (a mining/freight ship, hundreds of years old). After Burke’s urging, the scavengers decide to tow the harvester back to the Metamora, but as they inspect the ship they find the slaughtered bodies of Harvester’s crew. Only two remain alive, kept in stasis. Now, the scavengers have a mystery to unravel, all the while in the presence of something far more sinister than they could ever imagine.

The art provided by Alexander Malyshev in #1 is grungy and unnerving. The lines are extremely chaotic in a very pleasant way, while the colour schemes are moody, gloomy, and at times, foreboding. These aspects come together to promote an overall sense of terror, fear and loss.

Metamora #2 picks up after the events of #1. The scavengers have arrived at the Hub of Metamora, with hostages and Harvester in tow, but are not welcomed back as well as they expected. From there, we are introduced to “The Twins, Black”; a brother and sister who seem to have been expecting the arrival of the Harvester. The twins attempt to find out more about the Harvester, while the scavengers adjust to their time in quarantine. We also learn of a power-hungry, mysterious group of elites (known as the Prime) that hold all the cards when it comes to the Metamora, and they’ve been planning for what’s to come…

There is a stark contrast between issues #1 & #2; a duality that proved to be hard to capture. In issue #1 we used the art and story to provoke a sense of abandonment, isolation and longing. While with issue #2 we attempted to promote a crowded, claustrophobic type of feeling. It was extremely fun to shift in these dynamics between #1 & #2. We start with two characters in narrow hallways and move to multiple pov’s, each in a unique situation.

Our team consists of people from all over the world. Alexander Malyshev & Saint Yak reside in Mother Russia, Alex Giles out of Scotland, Kevin Parent from Quebec, Ka De Oki in Spain, and Robert Nugent, Bryan Timmins & Jordan Kroeger out of USA. This eclectic bunch, from the largest role to the smallest, have all been a great joy to work with. I know as we move forward with launching Metamora our audience will come to live each piece of epicness that was provided by an amazing team.

If you want to back this great project then visit the Kickstarter page via the link below.

Metamora Kickstarter Page


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