CW Arrow Flashpoint 

It seems that the events of The Flash’s second season finale could play out in the new season of Arrow. The Flash finale ended with Barry travelling back in time to save his mother and in doing so, he creates an alternate timeline. The flashpoint story is going to begin in season 3 of The Flash, and the effects will be felt throughout the CW DC universe.In the flashpoint world, Oliver Queen is the head of Green Arrow Industries, a major military company, which steals hi-tech gadgets from supervillains for military use. Batman, in this storyline, is in fact Thomas Wayne, whose son, Bruce, was gunned down in front of him in Crime Alley, and whose wife cracked under the strain and became the Joker.
Stephen Amell has said, however, that Arrow season 5 will focus on Arrow rather than setting up the events of the DC universe. Great news for fans of the show who want a return to the realism of earlier years.
Barry’s decision, which led to the change in events, technically has the potential to drastically affect everything that happened on Arrow or, at least, since Barry first dropped by in season 2.

I’m happy that season 5 will effectively try to ground the characters and go back to its original style. If they try to change the Arrow storyline to accommodate a Flash plot twist, they could alienate a lot of fans who want to see Green Arrow’s story stay separate from that of The Flash. 



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