The Silence 1.1.12

The Silence (by Chad Nuss)

“2137 was the year science ended”

“Since the beginning of history, humanity has explored the universe, mining it of new information, new species and new aspects of reality. Science has faithfully yielded its secrets throughout the ages to those who sought after them. As humanity developed and changed, information led to technology and technology to biology and biology to genetics and genetics to nanotechnologies, and in the new age, the arrival of holobiotics.”

“We had entered a post-Scientific age.”

…. just some quotes from the book to give a flavour of it …

We throughly enjoyed reading this brilliantly written and illustrated story. It is an excellent piece that, in my opinion, is sure to secure itself a place in the science fiction genre and has the feel of an ancient religious or sacred text that passes on knowledge and history to future generations.

It tells a fantastic story of a future where science has been all but stopped by The Hierarchy and their Coda, making any scientific enquiry outside of the Coda illegal. This creates a civilisation that attempts to cope with growing societal injustice and unrest.  

To me, it has a feel that really took me back and reminded me of an Alan Moore-type story; almost a kind of V for Vendetta style society but set in the realm of the future.

If you want to find out more, or even get your hands on a copy of The Silence by Chad Nuss, please do visit his website by clicking the link below. 

The Silence Comics


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