Julys Recommend Read

This month’s recommended read is one of my top five origins stories: Green Arrow Year One.

It is written by a great team: Andy Diggle & Jock; Andy is best known for such things as Judge Dredd, Swamp Thing, etc, and more examples can be found on his website: Andy Diggle’s Website
His team-mate, Jock, is the renowned illustrator whose work includes the fantastic ‘Losers’ series, Batman Black Mirror, Wytches, among others. His website is: Jock’s Website. We interviewed Jock some time back, and you can read that here: SDGS Jock Interview

This is well a well-written book that weaves a story of how billionaire playboy (how many do DC need?) Oliver Queen, became Starling City’s Green Arrow.

When we first meet Oliver Queen, he is travelling, simply because he’s rich and he can. When he’s shipwrecked, he manages to survive and reach land.  He finds himself on a supposedly empty island, and soon realises that this is a completely alien world compared to his privileged lifestyle. He then begins the journey to survive, and to figure out how to escape this island. In the process, he becomes a good and moral man.

The vast difference between his two journeys is brilliantly brought to life with great storytelling, powerful symbolism and inspiring art. Jock has used vibrant colours for the stunning forests, barren beaches and our initial glimpse at the iconic green arrowhead.
Whisking the reader off on a wonderful trip behind the legendary vigilante in green from Starling City, this is a brilliant read. 

This story has now been put on the small screen by the CW network’s adaptation ‘Arrow’ starring Stephen Amell and Paul Blackthorne among others. While the first two seasons are faithful to this version of the story, from the end of season 3 it seems to lose its way. As always, I strongly suggest reading the book before watching; it’s much better! 


One thought on “Julys Recommend Read

  1. jackandthegeekstalk

    Love this interpretation and glad they moved his origin a little further away from batman. I think the show did the origin pretty well on screen! Going to be picking this up again after reading your recommendation!

    Liked by 1 person


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