Man in the High Castle (season 2)

The Man in the High Castle season 2 has been given the go ahead. The first season of the alternative history series was based on the novel by Philip K Dick exploring a version of 1960’s America where the Axis powers (Germany & Japan) won the Second World War and occupied the United States. If your unfamiliar watch the trailer here. High Castle trailer

The Biggest news is Frank Spotnitz is reportedly stepping down as showrunner, he will remain as executive producer, he can free himself up to consult on the show he so heavily moulded. The series will remain in the hands of the people who brought the novel to life in season one.

There has been little casting news on season two. Sebastian Roche (ABC General Hospital) has been cast in a recurring and major role. He will play Joes estranged father a mostly absent figure. Who is a wealthy high ranking nazi official trying to reconnect with his son.

Frank Spotnitz had alluded last year to an idea that the world of High Castle would extend the Pacific States or the Third Reich. With alternative history stories there are so many stories to explore.

Season 2 has no definitive release date as yet from Amazon but it is likely to be the end of 2016 at the earliest.


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