The Consul: A SciFi Espionage Comic.

 Orlando, FL based Future Earth Entertainment, the publisher of The SciFi Comic Earth Alliance, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support a new series The Consul.

Set in the year 2017 and follows the adventures of Gabriel Quinn a former Naval aircraft pilot who is shot down while on a routine recon mission. The Telen’s an altruistic humanoid alien race who are charged with aiding humanity’s development, resurrects Gabriel, thus giving him a chance to serve humanity as a Consul. Issue one sets up what will be a action packed four issue story arc.

 Future Earth Entertainment is hoping to raise $1,200, all of the money raised will go to pay the artist working on the book. FEE is offering some cool rewards such as digital and print editions of the book, 11×17 prints and t-shirts. The campaign will run thirty days and end on July 20th. FEE prides itself on delivering rewards on time to backers that support it’s kickstarter campaign.

If like us your interested by this fascinating project.

Contact: Raymond C Fields 

Email: contact Raymond via E Mail Twitter: @scifiwriter1         Facebook:Facebook link                FEE Website: Future Earth Website

 To view the Kickstarter Campaign:Kickstarter page


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