Film & Comic Con Exeter

This weekend has seen the Showmasters Film & Comic Con arrive at Exeter’s Westpoint Arena for two days. This event brought some of your favourite stars from film, TV and comics, along with a whole host of attractions: panels, talks, photo and autograph opportunities and many great stalls, full to the brim with memorabilia – a veritable cornucopia of excitement for a geek.  


We had the great pleasure of catching up with our dear friends Ben and Nate from the Lazarus Pit Pod, who were busy interviewing some of the stars and cosplayers – between us, we covered most of the guests. Head over to their website (The Lazarus Pit Pod) to listen to their fantastic coverage of the event, and hear them falling at Jock’s feet. #nerdschatting


Plymouth College of Art also had a number of free, interactive workshops running throughout the day, offering workshops in digital printing, animation, illustration and costume production. You can see more about this at Plymouth Uni 


There were some fantastic stalls, selling everything the discerning geek could ever want or need; from t-shirts to Funko comics to one-off collectibles and everything in between. 


The cosplay area was run by Dark Cleo Productions and featured some local costumed heroes, including space marine David Roth and Maisy-Minx with her brilliant Gandalf costume, giving cosplay-related talks. The event ran a cosplay masquerade with celebrity judges – the chance for those with a passion for costume to showcase their work. Some amazing UK colonial marines worked hard at keeping deadly Xenomorphs out, too.


The stars of TV and film in attendance included some very heavy hitters such as:

Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm St) whose queue was, predictably, enormous!

Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)

Robert Llewellyn (Kryten – Red Dwarf)    

Hattie Hayridge (Hilly/Holly – Red Dwarf)  

Sylvester McCoy (The 7th Doctor Who)

Ian McNeice (Doc Martin, Dune, Edge of Darkness and Dr Who)


Being huge Red Dwarf fans, we interviewed both Robert Llewellyn and Hattie, and I have to say both were extremely friendly, welcoming and very down to earth. It was a pleasure (and a thrill!) to talk to them.  

 From the world of comics, the legendary illustrator, Jock, whom we had the pleasure of interviewing some time ago, was there. He was more than happy to chat to fans and autograph his work, which includes Batman – Black Mirror, Judge Dredd, Green Arrow and Wytches. Lee Garbett, an illustrator whose titles include Batman RIP & Judge Dredd, was also present.


There was some fresh new talent too, including a friend of the Squad, Matt Buckett from Ink Pot Graphics and creator of the exciting new graphic novel ‘The Weapon’; and author David J H Smith, whose work includes ‘The Titanic’s Mummy’ and his new book ‘The Beasts of Karlstad’. 


What struck both of us was just how approachable everyone was. There was really no diva-like behaviour; everyone was just happy to be there and very willing to give of their time freely. It was refreshing and a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you to the organisers, Showmasters, too, for running a very slick and efficient show.

 It’s without doubt the best convention we have been to in a long time.

Bob & Jules


Some of the great cosplay from today.



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