Colony (TV series)

Today, I finished watching the first season of FOX’s new sci-fi series: Colony. In a not-too-distant, dystopian future, Los Angeles is under a military – almost martial law – occupation by the Colony Transitional Authority. This is part of a larger invading group of extraterrestrial beings known only as ‘hosts’.
The hosts have built gigantic walls, maybe 40 storeys tall and many metres thick around central LA and many other big cities. These are referred to as ‘blocks’.

Season 1 follows one family’s struggle as the husband, Will, is forced to be a collaborator, while his wife, Katie, reacts by joining the Resistance. There are many interesting characters along the way, but the season mainly focuses on the family and their story .

The concept behind this story is a great one, and while, overall, the series did deliver, the show sticks to real-world politics and, as such, doesn’t create a style all of its own. I particularly loved the Red Hat troops (Homeland Security) and the drones that were used; these special effects really made the show look impressive, even if it lacked its own unique style.

I can confirm that a second 13 episode series has been given the green light and will get another chance to find its stride continuing with what is effectively a really solid storyline. 


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