The Dark of the Forest Review 

The Dark of the Forest, written by Russell Hillman and illustrated by Sergio Calvert, is a book that raises the age-old question of why anyone ever goes camping in the woods. It reminds us that anytime a group of people tries to “get back to nature “, it all goes horribly wrong.
Whether it’s a masked psycho, or a supernatural beast, if you have a latent fear of the wilderness from that time you watched The Blair Witch Project on your own when you were 12, this comic will do nothing to allay it – it’s more likely to add to it.
The story, set in the late 70s, follows a group of youngsters in their 20s as they head out to the woods of northern Spain for a spot of ornithology. This is your archetypal slasher flick group:- jock, nerd, floozie, etc, who are warned by the locals not venture into the woods. Do they listen? Do they heck. 
They set up camp and one of the group foolishly starts to recount the story of ‘Basajaun’; a mysterious, terribly territorial creature that hates intruders … The ensuing, bloodthirsty kills are both varied and interesting! 
If you were raised on slasher and monster flicks you will love this comic. The only thing that made it a little hard for me to take seriously as a slasher comic is that Calvert’s style of artwork is much more suited to humour rather than horror. It’s like like an “Archie” comic Halloween special, leaving it with a bit of a mismatch for me. This may have been intended by the author, I don’t know, but once I got past that, it was a really engaging story and definitely worth reading. 

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