Deadly Burlesque Review

If, like me, you love chilling out with a great slasher flick from time to time, then Freaktown Comics’ stand-alone story, Deadly Burlesque (by Russell Hillman and Daniel Bell), is right up your alley.This story takes us deep into a seedy world of New York in the early 1980s where the Luxury Lounge, a tired and worn out burlesque club, is fighting for survival against the the rising number of strip-clubs, peep shows etc. 

When the performers start dying off it becomes apparent that the remaining survivors need to work out who is the killer – and fast – in a life or death game of Cluedo.

It’s clear, from the way that Hillman tells this story, that he is a fan of the old slasher stories like Scream, Friday 13th, etc. There are also some very interesting characters and elements of dark humour to break up the bloodbath. In short, Russell has managed to condense a slasher flick into comic-book form. Deadly Burlesque will be just what fans of this genre are looking for: Inventive deaths, violence and humour; a great release from the guys at Freaktown.

This and other titles can be purchased from their web store.

Freaktown comics store

Or their ComiXology page

Freaktown ComiXology


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