June’s Recommend Read

This month my recommend read is a book that is part of a four-book series, but which still stands alone as a truly great graphic novel. We give you…. Daredevil Yellow.
As well as being one quarter of a four-book series, together with. Spider-Man Blue, Captain America White and Hulk Grey, this story is part of a six-part mini-series. Originally launched in 2001, it’s written by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, who also penned the excellent Batman: The Long Halloween. 
The story concerns the origins and early days of Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, as told by the The Man Without Fear himself, through letters to his murdered former love, Karen Page. It is a re-working of the Origins story, told from a slightly different perspective. 
The series begins with Matt’s father’s death, choosing to skip the origin of Matt’s blindness, and focusing instead on the emotional trauma that led to his heroic destiny. This, in turn, culminated in his becoming the yellow-and-red-costume-wearing Daredevil.
The main focus of the story beyond his father’s death, is on the relationships between Karen Page, Franklin (Foggy) Nelson, Matt Murdock and Daredevil. 
Daredevil Yellow is, deep down, a love story between Karen and Matt and an insight into the internal relationship between Matt and Daredevil. Yellow focuses on the early days:- the fun that Matt had as a superhero. The story is mostly told from his perspective, as he looks back on much happier times he’s had, through rose-tinted spectacles.
This was the first time I had read the tragic tale of Matt’s life and I found it an absorbing tale. Thoroughly recommended. 


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