Red Range Kickstarter 

Red Range Kickstarter

To best understand what RED RANGE is all about, one should read this review, published within the pages of LOCUS magazine in 1999:
“Joe R. Lansdale’s certainly a modern legend himself, having been around for some time now. But comics artist Sam Glanzman’s got an even more legendary historical grounding, having been professionally drawing for six decades or so. These two worthies have collaborated on Lansdale’s graphic novel, RED RANGE. The first page of RED RANGE itself begins full tilt with graphic ultraviolence as Lansdale and Glanzman plunge us into a 19th century Klan lynching of a black Texas family. Abruptly in the midst of the atrocity, the Kluxers are interrupted by a mysterious rider who’s a deadly shot with both his pistols and long-range Sharps buffalo rifle. It’s the feared and hated (by the KKK, at least) Red Mask, a tough, lethal, black man who wisely keeps his identity concealed. Writer Lansdale’s unerring ear for exotic period and regional dialog remains constant. His penchant for grim humor appears throughout. His hardcore, hard-nosed sense of social conscience remains intact.”

RED RANGE was originally published in 1999 by Mojo Press. Unfortunately, Mojo went out of business that same year, and the book has been out of print ever since.
For the last two years, I have been busy acquiring, editing and (working closely with production and marketing) bringing over 24 graphic novel reprint collections to market through another American publisher. One of those collections was even nominated for an Eisner award, THE PUMA BLUES by Stephen Murphy and Michael Zulli.
Recently, I decided to leave my position at that publisher, and launch my own publishing imprint…IT’S ALIVE!
In the past, I have worked very closely with both Sam Glanzman and Joe R. Lansdale to put some of their more important out of print works back on the shelves. For Glanzman, I put together the A SAILOR’S STORY collection, the U.S.S. STEVENS collection, and the ATTU collection. For Lansdale, I resurrected his first award-winning short story collection, BY BIZARRE HANDS.
(Check out this excellent review the A SAILOR’S STORY collection received in The New York Times: )
So, it only makes sense that I would launch my new imprint with a graphic novel by both Joe R. Lansdale, and Sam Glanzman!

I am asking for $15,000 to produce a 96 page trade paperback graphic novel. A large chuck of this money goes towards an advance for the creators. The next biggest chuck goes towards the printing of the book (the book will have a matte cover, and thick 70lb glossy interior stock). Another large chunk goes to the colorist, who will be coloring every single page of the story (the original was published in black and white). I was also lucky enough to hire comic book legend Stephen R. Bissette to write a well-research, historical afterword for this collection (go find a copy of THE PUMA BLUES collection, read his afterword, and you will understand the value he brings to any publication). Since we are unable to work from the original art, I will need to have the original book scanned in page by page and all the artwork touched up by a professional pre-press technician, who will also be assisting with the overall design of the book (Yep, that costs money too!). I am also spending a certain amount on the promotion of this Kickstarter campaign. In the end, I am confident that for the amount in question, we will be able to produce a new and highly improved edition of this incredible story, for your reading pleasure!
Of course, if we are lucky enough to exceed this amount, we have some stretch goals in mind, such as adding a hard cover. But we will get to all that if, after launching the campaign, the demand proves to be higher than expected. For now, we are simply focused on producing the best book possible for the amount posted.


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