Cops and Monsters



“Cops and Monsters” is an on-going supernatural webseries, following the stories of the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland (PITS) as they battle supernatural creatures, the bureaucracy that comes with it, and their everyday lives. The show is targeted at men and women in their 20s, all the way up to their 50s. The show is inspired by the likes of Torchwood and Being Human, focusing on our characters as they try to survive everyday life that just happens to be surrounded by werewolves, vampires and zombies.


Volume 1 is made up of 8 episodes, exploring the case of Lycan A202, a ferocious werewolf who can transform without the powers of a full-moon, making her the perfect weapon for the sinister Cult of Many Faces to use to destroy the PITS team, and more specifically, Maya Hedges, who as well as facing the prospect of working closely with her ex-boyfriend Martin Carmichael, is close to discovering a well-hidden secret about her parent’s unsolved deaths at the hands of a pack of werewolves 5 years previously.


The show will mostly focus on Maya as she struggles to learn the inner-workings of the paranormal unit and her increasing drive to discover the truth about her parent’s murder. We will also follow Alexis, the powerful werewolf known as Lycan A202, as she struggles to find her humanity within the hunger of the kill. We will meet her vampiric twin sister, Zoe, as she struggles to come to terms with her blood-lust and her need to save her sister from The Cult of Many Faces.

Finally, we will meet PITS Commander Norris Fletcher, serving out his punishment after several cases of grievous body harm charges against human suspects, finding himself embroiled in Mr. Clark, the Minister of Justice and Alan Smith, the Deputy to the First Minister of Scotland, who all plan to use the PITS for their own nefarious purposes.
This is a story about finding your humanity in a world of monsters.

This is an ongoing show the series was created by Fraser Coull, who has previously created and produced 13 episodes of superhero sci-fi show, “Night is Day” from 2006 until 2009, with a feature film version premiering at the Glasgow Film Festival in 2011. Fraser focuses his energies on writing for Cops and Monsters and various other projects. Fraser has also directed the 4 episodes so far. 

Fraser’s thoughts on the webseries 

“It’s important to me that we show to the world that creative people can get up, get out there and make their own content. We’re in a digital age where everybody can pick up a camera and shoot something and I fully encourage that. More and more people are tuning into the web to watch the web series that are out there and I want Cops and Monsters to be one of the best.”

Claire Mcguire (Producer) says

“The world of Cops and Monsters was alluring, very well written and extremely ambitious with a modest crowd funding target already attached when I got involved. It was a challenge and I was happy to sink my teeth in.”



“Cops and Monsters” has brought in guest stars from the world of classic Sci-fi TV including Sarah Louise Madison (The Weeping Angels, Doctor Who), Caitlin Blackwood (Amelia Pond, Doctor Who), with Sophie Aldred (Ace, Doctor Who) and Rachel Teate (Kara, Wolfblood) due to join episode 5. Stand up comedian and actor Billy Kirkwood, best known for his role as commentator for Insane Champion Wrestling plays the villainous Cult of Many Faces. Taggart star Colin McCredie guest stars in episode 1 as tortured werewolf Terry, and Waterloo Road star Caitlin Gillespie starred as PITS werewolf Alia in episode 1 also. Braveheart star Mhairi Calvey will be joining from episode 5 as troubled vampire Zoe, joining Ellen Patterson, Kenny Boyle, Innes Anderson and Chris Bain. Karen Bartke (Scot Squad) plays Maya’s concerned aunt, Tina Hedges.

If you want to find out more about Cops and Monsters you can on their website (see link below)

Cops and Monsters

On their Facebook page

Cops and Monsters Facebook
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Cops and Monsters Twitter


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