May’s Recommend read


This months recommend read is a little known gem that was mentioned to us about 3 years ago. We loved the twisted storyline so much so that although we are a little late to the party we wanted to share this book with our readers.

We present to you 100 Bullets 1st Shot Last Call…..

You are alone, when a dark suited man comes up to you and sits opposite. He tells you that he knows of the injustice in your life and that you are right to feel vengeful and aggrieved. Finally, he opens an attache case that contains a gun, a Smith and Wesson automatic, and 100 untraceable bullets. They are enough to right any wrong, enough to get revenge. As the man leaves you, he leaves the attache case behind. It’s up to you now what would you do?

Has this peaked your interest? It should this is the ultimate what if story of death, betrayal and revenge. The deaths from these bullets would be logged as a heart attack, natural causes etc.

“100 Bullets” is the story that begins the series. Dizzy is a Hispanic woman newly released from prison. While she was inside, her husband and son were gunned down in a drive-by and she blames herself for their killing. The aforementioned guy in the dark suit (his name is Agent Graves, but he doesn’t tell her that) approaches her with the identities of the two killers. Both are cops, but the true culprit – the finger man, the intelligence behind the hit – is someone closer to home. Dizzy must then make her mind up does she avenge the deaths or let fate deal with the guilty?




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