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Competition Time

To our amazement we are currently at 2,700 likes on our Facebook page.
If we can reach 3,000 likes, we will have a prize draw for a spectacular prize and maybe a limited edition SDGS pen (woo hoo!)
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Goodbye old friend thanks for the memories 

The Xbox 360 launched back in November of 2005. Microsoft announced today that they’ll retire the system.
“While we’ve had an amazing run, the realities of manufacturing a product over a decade old are starting to creep up on us. Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles,” wrote Xbox head Phil Spencer in a post to the official Xbox news site.
Spencer answers a few burning questions in the same post, explaining that things like Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and the features that come with it aren’t going away Games will still be playable online for the foreseeable future, and games available in the store will continue to be available. Xbox hardware support will continue for a while, as well. There’s a practical limit to how long they can do that for, but Spencer doesn’t indicate how far out that is. And, finally, they’ll be continuing to get Xbox 360 games working on Xbox One.
When manufacturing something like computer hardware, a market that’s still evolving, hardware starts expensive as it’s hard to manufacture, gets cheaper as things like manufacturing processes and production lines get streamlined and optimized, and then gets more expensive again as the world moves onto newer tech. Keeping manufacturing costs down might be getting difficult, not to mention things like upkeep. Regardless, the system had a good long run, and the continued efforts to make games backward compatible should help take the sting out of the announcement. We’re sad to see it go, but it’s about time. 



Griff Gristle – There Be Monsters


This is the latest venture from Madius Comics and it’s available to back on Kickstarter  Kickstarter Page


A supernatural thriller comic with a punk rock tone and KICK-ASS DIVING SUITS!
Plus…ghosts, magic spears, whisky and BEARDS!
From the dastardly duo of Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook, writers of Madius Comics’ Papercuts and Inkstains #01 – 4 (“A breath of fresh air from British Comics” – Starburst Magazine), Ramlock Investigates and the Ghastly Award nominated Tragic Tales of Horrere comes a new supernatural thriller in the vein of BPRD, Hellboy and Hellblazer.
Rob and Mike are teaming up with Cornish based art powerhouse Rory Donald, aka Reach Illustration (Cast Adrift – Papercuts and Inkstains #02, Timeworn Tales of Torment & Terror, Pigs Might Surf, The XT Tractor) and with an extra helping hand from designer Brad Holman (Madius Comics alumni, Average Joe) to bring you…
A 36 page supernatural thriller comic with a punk rock heart that takes tropes from horror and the supernatural and puts them all at sea…
Something terrible is afoot in the sleepy fishing town of Charlsberg. Disappearances, strange lights and the town’s slow death all point to otherworldly goings on… Enter fisherman, mystic and all round spectral asskicker, Griff Gristle. Aided by Justine, the sister of one of the missing, Griff must track down the source of these disappearances and finds a lot more than he could ever have bargained for.
Coupled with the first story of Here Be Monsters in issue one is the short, “Love Story” which sees Griff face up to a ghost from his past…
This is our first Kickstarter project, and Griff was always meant to be that. We’ve self published for the past year to get to grips with independently producing comics, learning how they are made and produced and we’ve been staggered by the response we’ve received from the projects we’ve launched through Madius. We feel a kickstarter will give us a great opportunity to deliver a bigger, broader scoped story to those who are already familiar with our work and also open up the opportunity for those who aren’t familiar with us to get in on a project that we feel is some of our best work

See you underwater, pack your swimming vestments.
Team Gristle.
Where to keep up to date with all things Madius Comics –
Email –

Exmouth ComicCon Interview

Please give us some details about this new ComicCon.

ComicCon Exmouth is the first comic convention for Exmouth! A ComicCon by the beach! It’s special, because all the profits raised are being donated to the Sue Ryder charity.

It’s being held at the Exmouth Pavilion on Friday 26 August 2016, which is just on the bank holiday weekend.

Tickets are available from the link, via our ‘book now’ button on the top of our Facebook page and you can also buy direct from the Exmouth Pavilion website, or even over the counter.

Tickets cost £5 per adult, £3 for 14 and under.

There will be a free goodie bag for the first 250 people through the door on the day.

Doors open at 10am until 7pm, although VIP pass holders can get in from 9am.

Where did you get the idea to run ComicCon Exmouth from?

As a comic convention fan myself, I decided to host one on my own doorstep, as I normally have to travel to Birmingham or London. Also I wanted to create a ‘local’ event for local artists to showcase their work.

What can you tell us about special guests and attractions that are planned for the event?

We have a fabulous line up…perfect for the size of our event .

Jon Davey – known for his cyberman roles in Dr Who.

Marolyn Turk – known for her role as Beedo (one of Jabba’s bounty hunters in Star Wars).

Michael Henbury – best known as an ewok in Return of the Jedi and more recently as Gringott’s goblin in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Matthew Dale – for his role in the Dr Who ‘Sherwood’ episode.

We also have ‘alisworld’ (Alex Lowth) a very popular You Tuber, who will be putting on a display.

These are all great guests, who you will be able to pay for signings and photo shoots with them on the day or you can join them all in the Q&A session at 3pm.

Attractions – We have an amazing Transformers car, which will be out the front of the Pavilion, so everyone is welcome to come down and take a look or have your photo taken in the car. There will also be Instant Memories – green screen photography so all you lovelies coming in costume can be transported into your favourite scene and have your photo taken as a standard photo keyring and more.

We will also be running a cosplay competition with a fantastic first prize of £100! Joint second prizes both get exclusive comiccon cakes, which are being made and donated by The Cake Lady of Exmouth. There will be more runner up prizes on the day and full terms and conditions can be found on our Facebook page (here ) along with details on how to sign up.

And as if that’s not enough, a Sue Ryder raffle will be taking place and we have been donated a VERY SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE first prize. Chad Hardin (an American DC comic artist known for his Harley Quinn) is sending several pieces of his artwork all the way from the USA! Many other goodies have been kindly donated by other companies for this event and it will be well worth entering the raffle.

Also WP Comics (a UK comic book producer) is displaying its wares and several artists will be there with signed copies of their work for sale.

We see that the proceeds from the event are being donated to the Sue Ryder charity. Can you tell us a bit about the charity and why you’ve chosen it?

We are donating to Sue Ryder as I have been Store Manager of the Exmouth branch for around two years. It’s a fantastic charity, which seems to get a little forgotten. As many people don’t know who Lady Ryder was, what she achieved and what the charity does now. Amongst many other things, they provide end of life care and support through their hospices across the UK. A Sue Ryder information table will be at the event to help raise awareness of the charity.

Are you hoping for this to be an annual event? If so, will it always be for Sue Ryder or will you change the charity each time?

We would love this to become an annual event. Although this is very much a trial this year, all going well and with everyone’s support to make it a success we can continue to not only make it an annual event but also grow it.The ticket prices are an absolute bargain for a family day out on the bank holiday If we do return next year, there is every chance a different charity may be donated the profits.

Do you consider yourself to be ‘geeky’? If so, do you have a favourite superhero or comic character?

Am I geeky? Hahahahah! I guess a little…I mean who isn’t? I think all of us have a secret love of a character or movie or graphic novels etc. I am still very new to it all really and I think as my brother and my boyfriend are both fans of one thing or another I’ve kind of got drawn in….

I can’t choose a favourite character, I love too many for different reasons but I grew up with Pokemon so that has a soft spot. I enjoy the more recent Marvel films that have been on our screens and last November loved watching Star Wars in 3D on the opening night (which I never thought I’d say, as Star Wars never used to appeal)

Can you give us a little known, interesting fact about you?

Hmmmm the snowdrops tattoo on my ankle isn’t just ‘cause it’s a pretty flower. It’s because it’s the birth flower of January when my brother was born and I adore my brother to bits so it’s kind of for him. And the costume I am making for this event is my own anime character ‘Snowdrop’ based on this 🙂imageimageimageimage

Exmouth ComicCon 2016

Comiccon Exmouth 2016- August 26th 10.30 – 7pm

Exmouth’s first comic con @ the Exmouth Pavilion – all profits raised going to Sue Ryder reg UK charity

Tickets £5 adults – £3 for under 14’s

Doors open 10.00-19.00

VIP pass holders can get in from 09.00


Cosplay competition – first prize £100!!!

– 2 X 2nd place – exclusive comic con cakes by The Cake Lady  and a further 3x 3rd place prizes

BUY TICKETS – From the link below -(if buying online + £3 booking fee) 

250 free goody bags for the first 250 through the door on the day! 

Once in you will be given a wristband so you can come in / out throughout the event

You can get tickets from The Pavilion or the Exmouth ComicCon Facebook page

Why not drop them a tweet on @comicconexmouth 

This is their first ComicCon so let’s make it a great success and a regular event.

Different styles

With this feature, we are looking at the varying styles of art when it comes to our personal favourite, Batman.

We will illustrate how each artist puts their own personal stamp on this famous DC character, from the famous co-creator Bob Kane, to the modern day legends, such as
Brian Bolland, Frank Miller, Jock, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Francesco Francavilla, Tim Sale and Lee Garbett amongst others.

We hope that you enjoy seeing the contrast in styles that each artist brings to the table.

Greg Capullo

Greg Capullo

Bob Kane

Bob Kane

Lee Garbett

Lee Garbett

image image image

Tim Sale

Tim Sale

image image image

April’s Recommended Read

This month’s recommended read is a particular personal favourite. I was reminded of it during a conversation with a good friend (Dom Calvert) about which Batman story would make a great film.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Hush.
Hush runs Batman through a who’s who of his worst villains, including Joker, Killer Croc, Riddler and Poison Ivy. Superman also appears, falls under Ivy’s control and must be beaten-down by The Bat in one of the coolest scenes you’re ever likely to see in regular Batman stories. Jeph Loeb has shown a great understanding of Batman and his Rogues Gallery and that certainly remains the case with this story, but there are also a number of changes that will affect Batman story continuity for some time.

Batman and Catwoman dating? Check. Jason Todd’s grave suddenly empty? Check. Bruce’s old childhood friends we’ve never previously heard of, suddenly showing up and having some significant impact on Bruce’s early life? Check. Villains gaining upgrades to make them deadlier? One villain becoming a good guy again? Uh-huh. A long-time Batman ally a betrayer? This is one story that makes major waves.

The artwork is by the legendary Jim Lee and Scott Williams, so right off the bat you have a powerhouse of writing and aart team that creates a story so immersive, that the reader is left enthralled and excited.