March’s Recommended Read

This month we have gone over to Marvel for our recommended read.Before the movie drops in the cinemas we re read The greatest battle in marvels history it’s very own Civil War

The story starts off with a group of young superheroes, The New Warriors who while trying to make a name for themselves, they try to take down some powerful super villains. For there there reality tv show This results in a massive explosion that takes out a neighborhood, including an elementary school while class was in session. We see the superheroes show up immediately to help with the clean up. This event was the last straw, and now the public and government have had enough of the superheroes and want them to go away.

 Tony Stark, getting a wake up call, negotiates with the government and after long discussions, they reach a conclusion. The Superhuman Registration Act would go into effect, forcing all superheroes to reveal their secret identities and become agents of the government, their workers essentially. 
Iron Man, with Spiderman by his side, lead the push for the Act, realizing this was the only way superheroes would be allowed to continue to legally do what they do. While Captain America leads the resistance of heroes who believe this Act takes away their rights and makes them simply tools of the government who have to obey their every command. The two sides clash over their ideals, bringing in a lot of big superheroes who have to choose sides.
This Series was a groundbreaking idea that put all of your favourites from the marvel universe on one side or the other. We strongly suggest you read the story before watching the latest marvel movie outing. 



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