The Weapon by Matt Buckett (review)

THE WEAPON is a action-packed adventure. The story follows a scientist by the name of Dr Sam Calder, and his mysterious companion only known as The Driver, as they attempt to prevent a global disaster that Sam may ultimately be responsible for.
Sam has been responsible for the building of a machine. One that uses a unique and mysterious technology developed from a crystal harvested from a meteor. When the machine is hijacked by terrorists intent on using it as a Weapon, Sam and The Driver are against the clock as they attempt to prevent a global disaster. Add to the mix is a secret Government Agency called The AGE (American Guard Elite) who are chasing Sam and The Driver in an attempt to silence anyone involved with the Weapon. 
Written and illustrated by Matt Buckett, THE WEAPON is a great conspiracy type action-adventure that keeps exciting and surprising with each page. The main characters are constantly on the run, trying to stay ahead of the game. This book is definitely worth a read and one I am happy to add to my library.  



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